Can You Handle Your Own Legal Problems?


Can you handle your own legal problems without an attorney?  Certainly.  That is your right.  But, as Abraham Lincoln once said, “a person who plays his own attorney has a fool for a client.”  Don’t play the fool; when faced with a legal issue, seek the advice of a good attorney.


Many people do not obtain the assistance of an attorney until a problem becomes overly complicated, involved, and expensive.  The truth is, legal difficulties often need not be confusing or costly if advice is sought early on.  In fact, according to the American Bar Association, roughly 25% of legal issues are resolved at the initial meeting with an attorney. 


Laws can be confusing and are frequently in the midst of change.  A good lawyer knows how to advise you.  It is just as important to have a good lawyer, as it is to have a competent family physician. Your lawyer can safeguard your rights, upon which your financial well being, property, and even your life may depend.


Lastly, be aware of Do-It-Yourself kits, which are available for obtaining a divorce, declaring bankruptcy, or forming a business.  Many of these kits are comprised of generic forms and are not tailored to meet Connecticut’s strictly interpreted laws.  In the end, they are not likely to save time or money, and may become a source of considerable aggravation.


If you are facing legal issues for which you would like the advice of an attorney, please feel free to contact the law offices of Martocchio & Oliveira, LLC.  As always, there is no charge for the initial consultation.


Did you know that …?


§  A person can lose his/her driver’s license for operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol.


§  A person being sued for a divorce can petition the Court to require the partner to participate in marriage counseling.


§  For the first time in many years, it is now legal to consume alcoholic beverages in most State parks.  (A word of caution to party goers; public intoxication is still illegal.)      


§  The courts do not recognize the concept of private property along Connecticut beaches.


§  A person is no longer required to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles following an accident.


§  In most situations, a person convicted of a felony may still participate in general elections.


§  Worker’s Compensation claims can stay open even after benefits have been paid for lost wages, medical bills and permanent injuries.  In fact, Worker’s Compensation claims can stay open for your entire life.


§  Connecticut is considered a “one bite rule” state which means that, in most cases, dog owners are absolutely responsible for injuries caused the first time their dog bites or attacks someone.  Trespassing on one’s property or taunting a dog, however, may be a defense to such a claim.


§  Pretrial programs such as accelerated rehabilitation or youthful offender are available in some instances which enable those arrested for a crime to avoid having a criminal record for the offense.


§  Many automobile insurance companies actually use computer programs to place values on, or at least assist in valuing, a person’s injuries sustained in an accident.

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